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Solaris WBEM SDK Developer's Guide

  Chapter 1, Overview of Solaris Web-Based Enterprise Management
  Chapter 2, Creating JavaBeans Using the MOF Compiler
  Chapter 3, Writing a Client Program
Sequence of a Client Application
Opening and Closing a Client Connection
About Namespaces
Opening a Client Connection
Closing a Client Connection
Performing Basic Client Operations
Creating an Instance
Deleting an Instance
Getting and Setting Instances
Getting and Setting Properties
Enumerating Objects
Creating Associations
Calling Methods
Retrieving Class Definitions
Handling Exceptions
Creating a Namespace
Deleting a Namespace
Creating a Base Class
Deleting a Class
Setting Access Control
The Solaris_UserAcl Class
The Solaris_NamespaceAcl Class
Working with Qualifiers and Qualifier Types
Getting and Setting CIM Qualifiers
Batching Client Requests
Handling CIM Events
About Indications
About Subscriptions
Adding a CIM Listener
Creating an Event Filter
Creating an Event Handler
Binding an Event Filter to an Event Handler
Reading and Writing Log Messages
About Log Files
  Chapter 4, Writing a Provider Program
  Chapter 5, Writing WBEM Queries
  Chapter 6, Using the Solaris WBEM SDK Sample Programs
  Appendix A, WBEM Error Messages
  Appendix B, The Solaris Schema