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Appendix B

The Solaris Schema

The Solaris Schema and CIM Schema are available by default in the CIM Object Manager. You can view the MOF files, from which the Solaris Schema and CIM Schema are compiled, in /usr/sadm/mof/. CIM Schema files, which implement the Core and Common models of the Common Information Model, are denoted by the use of "CIM" in their associated file names. The Solaris Schema files, denoted by the use of "Solaris" in their file names, provide the unique extensions that Sun Microsystems has made to the Common Information Model.

Documentation of the Solaris providers listed in this chapter is included in the MOF file in which the provider is specified.

Solaris Schema Files

This table provides a brief overview of the Solaris Schema files in /usr/sadm/mof.

Table B-1 Solaris Schema Files

Solaris Schema File What This Schema File Provides 

Lists all of the MOF files of the Solaris Schema, in #pragma Include statements. Specifies the order in which the MOF files are read and compiled.


Contains configuration information for the CIM Object Manager.


Enables WBEM core features to be implemented. Enables you to set locales, qualifiers, and providers.


Models Solaris packages and patches in CIM.


Models the Solaris Schema components for a system, including the operating system and processes of the system. Extends CIM Schema definitions through the definition of the Solaris_Process and Solaris_OperatingSystem classes.


Enables a description of your system's processor, serial ports, printing devices, and time settings to make your computer work with the CIM Object Manager.


Contains the classes for WBEM access control list (ACL) based security.


Defines classes pertaining to network domains, IP subnets, and naming services (including NIS, NIS+, LDAP, DNS, and server /etc files).


Defines classes for working with user accounts.


Defines unique Solaris indication handlers. The class that is defined in this file facilitates the delivery of indications to management clients over Sun Microsystems' implementation of the CIM Remote Method Invocation (RMI) protocol.


Defines classes that pertain to configuration information for an SNMP device.


Defines classes that pertain to storage devices.


Defines classes that model the Solaris project database.


Defines classes that pertain to computing resource metrics, that is, classes that pertain to the use and performance of computing resources for each user and for each project.

The following sections describe the contents of each schema file in more detail.

Solaris_Schema1.0.mof File

The Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file is the high-level container of all other MOF files that make up the Solaris Schema. This file lists the MOF files in the order in which you must compile them.

The Java classes that you generate from each compilation are then sent to the CIM Object Manager, where they are either enacted as events or sent to the CIM Object Manager Repository for storage as objects. The following listing of the Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file shows the Include statements in the order that is required for compilation.

Title	    Solaris Master MOF 1.0
Description include pragmas for all other mofs
Date        03/10/01
Version     1.1 
Copyright   (c) 2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

#pragma Include ("Solaris_Core1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_Application1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_System1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_Device1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_Network1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_Users1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_Project1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_Event1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_CIMOM1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("Solaris_SNMP1.0.mof")

// This must be the last include since it changes the CIM namespace
#pragma Include ("Solaris_Acl1.0.mof")

The compiler parses a line of the Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file, compiles the file specified in the Include statement, and then parses the next line of the Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file, until all included files are compiled.

Solaris_CIMOM1.0.mof File

The Solaris_CIMOM1.0.mof file contains all the system properties used by the CIM Object Manager.

The Solaris_CIMOM1.0.mof file defines the following classes:

  • CIM_ObjectManager

  • CIM_ObjectManagerCommunicationMechanism

  • CIM_WBEMCommunicationMechanism

  • Solaris_CIMOM

  • Solaris_ObjectManagerClientProtocolAdapter

  • Solaris_ObjectManagerProtocolAdapter

  • Solaris_ObjectManagerProviderProtocolAdapter

  • Solaris_ProviderPath

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