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The WBEM Services project is an effort to develop an open-source Java™ implementation of Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) suitable for commercial and non-commercial application. This project consists of APIs, server and client applications and tools. The APIs are based on Java Specification Request (JSR) 48 which has been submitted for approval by the Java Community Process (JCP) 2.0.

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JSR48 Finalization

The JSR48 Expert Group is working to get the specification finalized. Then current goal is to have the spec done by the end of 2005. The WBEM Services code is evolving with the spec. If anyone would like to join the Expert Group please let Jim Davis know. Now start sending comments about the API to the development mailing list so that we can discuss them.

What is WBEM?

Web Based Enterprise Management is an Industry initiative to provide management of systems, networks, users and applications across multiple vendor environments. WBEM simplifies system management, providing better access to both software and hardware data that is readable by WBEM compliant applications.

WBEM has been designed to be compatible with all the major existing management protocols, including SNMP, DMI, and CMIP. WBEM is a DMTF standard. Industry standards used in the WBEM initiative include:

What's New:

WBEM Services License

The WBEM Services source code is available under the Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL) v1.2. Please read its terms BEFORE you download or checkout any sources using CVS.

WBEM Services Status

You can see the changes since the last release here.

The WBEM Services source code for the following components have been imported into the CVS Repository:

You can browse the CVS Repository to view these WBEM Services sources.

WBEM Services Downloads

A new release of WBEM Services v1.0.2 source code and executables are now available.

Release highlights:

NOTE: For now, the WBEM Services source code can only be built using JDK 1.4.x . Additionally, the WBEM Services executables can only run on JRE 1.4.x

WBEM Services Developer Teleconferences

No calls are scheduled at this time. Look for the next call sometime late 2005/early 2006.

Minutes of prior meetings NOTE: This is an archive of all emails sent to the wbemservices-development@lists.sourceforge.net.

WBEM Services Development

For instructions on how to build, install and run WBEM Services executables, see doc/Instructions.html in the source code or executable downloads

WBEM Services Documentation

Other Open Source WBEM Implementations

The WBEMsource Initiative mission is to promote widespread industry adoption of WBEM by creating an environment for open source implementation. Currently available implementations are


Sun Microsystems Logo Sun Microsystems, Inc is the WBEM Services project maintainer and contributor of the original code base.

The WBEMsource Initiative is a sponsor of the WBEM Services project.

SourceForge.net hosts the WBEM Services project.