Class CIM_UnitaryComputerSystem
extends CIM_ComputerSystem

A class derived from ComputerSystem that represents a Desktop, Mobile, NetPC, Server or other type of a single node Computer System.

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DescriptionstringA class derived from ComputerSystem that represents a Desktop, Mobile, NetPC, Server or other type of a single node Computer System.None TRANSLATABLE= true

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NameData TypeValueScopeFlavors
DescriptionstringThis object contains the data identifying either the initial load device (its key) or the boot service that requested the last operating system load. In addition, the load parameters (ie, a pathname and parameters) may also be specified.None TRANSLATABLE= true
MappingStringsstringMIB.IETF|HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.hrSystemInitialLoadDevice, MIB.IETF|HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.hrSystemInitialLoadParameters, MIF.DMTF|Host System|001.3None None
DescriptionstringBoolean indicating that the ComputerSystem, with its running OperatingSystem, supports power management. This boolean does not indicate that power management features are currently enabled, or if enabled, what features are supported. Refer to the PowerManagementCapabilities array for this information. If this boolean is false, the integer value 1 for the string, "Not Supported", should be the only entry in the PowerManagementCapabilities array.None TRANSLATABLE= true
DescriptionstringIndicates the current power state of the ComputerSystem and its associated OperatingSystem. Regarding the Power Save states, these are defined as follows: Value 4 ("Power Save - Unknown") indicates that the System is known to be in a power save mode, but its exact status in this mode is unknown; 2 ("Power Save - Low Power Mode") indicates that the System is in a power save state but still functioning, and may exhibit degraded performance; 3 ("Power Save - Standby") describes that the System is not functioning but could be brought to full power 'quickly'; value 7 ("Power Save - Warning") indicates that the ComputerSystem is in a warning state, though also in a power save mode; and, values 8 and 9 describe the ACPI "Hibernate" and "Soft Off" states.None TRANSLATABLE= true
ValuesstringUnknown, Full Power, Power Save - Low Power Mode, Power Save - Standby, Power Save - Unknown, Power Cycle, Power Off, Power Save - Warning, Power Save - Hibernate, Power Save - Soft OffNone TRANSLATABLE= true
DescriptionstringThe event that caused the System to power up. This information is available in SMBIOS, in the Type 1 structure, the Wake Up Type attribute.None TRANSLATABLE= true
ValuesstringReserved, Other, Unknown, APM Timer, Modem Ring, LAN Remote, Power Switch, PCI PME#, A/C Power RestoredNone TRANSLATABLE= true

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