Class CIM_SupportAccess
extends CIM_ManagedElement

The CIM_SupportAccess association defines how to obtain assistance for a Product.

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Class Qualifiers

NameData TypeValueScopeFlavors
DescriptionstringThe CIM_SupportAccess association defines how to obtain assistance for a Product.None TRANSLATABLE= true

Local Class Properties

NameData TypeQualifiers
NameData TypeValueScopeFlavors
DescriptionstringCommunicationInfo provides the details of the CommunicationMode. For example, if the CommunicationMode is 'Phone', CommunicationInfo specifies the phone number to be called.None TRANSLATABLE= true
MappingStringsstringMIF.DMTF|FRU|002.11, MIF.DMTF|FRU|002.12None None
DescriptionstringCommunicationMode defines the form of communication in order to obtain support. For example, phone communication (value=2), fax (3) or email (8) can be specified.None TRANSLATABLE= true
MappingStringsstringMIF.DMTF|Support|001.5None None
ValueMapstring1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8None None
ValuesstringOther, Phone, Fax, BBS, Online Service, Web Page, FTP, E-mailNone TRANSLATABLE= true
DescriptionstringA textual description of the type of Support provided.None TRANSLATABLE= true
MappingStringsstringMIF.DMTF|Support|001.3None None
OverridestringDescriptionNone OVERRIDABLE= false
DescriptionstringLocale defines the geographic region and/or language dialect to which this Support resource pertains.None TRANSLATABLE= true
MappingStringsstringMIF.DMTF|Support|001.2None None
MaxLenuint3264None None
DescriptionstringSupportAccessID is an arbitrary, free form string defined by the Product Vendor or by the organization that deploys the Product. This property, since it is a key, should be unique throughout the enterprise.None TRANSLATABLE= true
KeybooleantrueNone OVERRIDABLE= false
MaxLenuint32256None None

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