Class CIM_InstMethodCall
extends CIM_InstIndication

CIM_InstMethodCall notifies when an instance's method is invoked.

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Class Qualifiers

NameData TypeValueScopeFlavors
DescriptionstringCIM_InstMethodCall notifies when an instance's method is invoked.None TRANSLATABLE= true
IndicationbooleantrueNone OVERRIDABLE= false

Local Class Properties

NameData TypeQualifiers
NameData TypeValueScopeFlavors
DescriptionstringThe name of the method invoked.None TRANSLATABLE= true
RequiredbooleantrueNone None
DescriptionstringThe parameters of the method, formatted as an EmbeddedObject (with a predefined class name of "__MethodParameters".None TRANSLATABLE= true
EmbeddedObjectbooleantrueNone None
DescriptionstringBoolean indicating whether the Indication is sent before the method begins executing (TRUE) or when the method completes (FALSE). When TRUE, the inherited property SourceInstance contains the value of the instance (the properties defined by the Filter's Query clause), before execution of the method. When PreCall is FALSE, SourceInstance embeds the instance as it appears after the completion of the method.None TRANSLATABLE= true
RequiredbooleantrueNone None
DescriptionstringReturnValue's data is dependent on the PreCall property. When PreCall is TRUE, this property is NULL describing that there is no method return value (since the method has not yet executed). When PreCall is FALSE, ReturnValue contains a string representation of the method's return value.None TRANSLATABLE= true
ModelCorrespondencestringCIM_InstMethodCall.PreCallNone None

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